Hello 20.

A Cosmo Girl in the Cosmo Town.

Today, April 21st, is many things. Today I am 20. Today I am posting my first blog post on my WordPress. Today I am breaking one of my personal beliefs. Today I am trying something new. Today I am not new, but newer.

My name is Charlotte and I’m a writer. You don’t hear that often because writing doesn’t seem like a worthy occupation to attach to your name during introductions. However, I think writing is more valuable than most careers. I write because storytelling is so magical and beautiful. This is my story.

One of my personal beliefs was to never write online (like blogging) because I don’t like how my thoughts are out there in the world. I don’t like how anyone can have access to my thoughts/ ideas and possibly claim them as their own. I treasure my work. However, since this is the start of a new age for me, I decided to try something new (also I don’t want to fall behind society’s constant technological advancements). I was also introduced to this new media form when I joined a blogging group in my service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and I loved writing on WordPress ever since. Today I am breaking that personal belief with this post.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer through my work. Maybe this is just another space for Charlotte to bumble on about nonsense in her life, but I think there’s a certain type of beauty in blogging. You never know what I might write about, and isn’t that exciting? And if no one reads this, it would be something for me to look back on when I’m an old granny, a collage of memories filled with too many weird metaphors and  Charlotte rants.

One of my favourite quotes is “isn’t it wild and intriguing and beautiful that everyday we are new?”. Today I’m choosing to write my way towards my dream of being a renowned editor and writer, through this new experience.

I’m kind of scared of turning 20. Although they say age is just a number, it really isn’t. 30 minutes before I turned 20, I remembered all the beautiful moments I had with my family and friends: going to my dream city (NYC), being at my favourite concerts (Taylor Swift!) with my best friend, meeting Ariana Grande when I was an awkward teen, and driving from sea to sky in the beautiful city I live in…. (the list goes on really). The possibility that there could be more… and there will be. So I’m not really scared. Most times when I’m afraid, I choose to be brave and jump anyways. And I will this time too. Let’s do this 20.

– The Typewriter Bleeds.

P.S if anyone is wondering why my url is “thetypewriterbleeds” and why I’ve chosen to end all my posts with that, think of Hemingway. (SHIFTY CHAR)


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