Quick Update: I’m Alive!

Today is May 2nd, which in my brain means it’s officially summer! I’d like to post a little update saying that I’m alive from finals! (Although I only had one!) To those who are reading this, if coincidentally you are university students too, I hope you survived your finals!

There are many fortunate students that don’t have to take summer school, and I loathe you! However, seeing that I decided to give myself a little break this semester, I am one of those unlucky kids to be stuck inside for the next two months in a suffocating UBC classroom. There are many people working this summer, starting their new summer jobs today actually! The summer may be 4 months, but it can go by in an instant. My wish this summer is to push myself fairly, to not waste a day like I have in previous years, but also taking the time to catch up with things. I hope to reunite with my friends and meet new ones too! (in summer school 😦 ) I hope I’ll be able to travel to Europe (THE CHANCES ARE HIGH!). And I hope to be happy by the beach, under fireworks, near celebrities (because Vancouver is the golden filming city), or by a computer in a cute cafe. I have some upcoming projects happening! I don’t want to say much just yet but I hope to be writing ALOT more this summer! I’m so excited to share that when the time is right 🙂

I think I have a lot going on this summer. I used to be jealous at my fellow peers who get to live each scorching summer day to the fullest, each Instagram post or Snapchat video more exciting than the last. However, do I really want to overwork myself this summer? Or should I try to maintain a balance of fun, work, and relaxation?  I think the sun sets for a reason.

–  TheTypewriterBleeds



One thought on “Quick Update: I’m Alive!

  1. I’m not a college student yet but I feel you. The pressure, headache and worry that the exams here brings feels like I’m choking on my own thoughts. The feeling of being alive appears only when the exams end, and our love for the arts is finally spent. So great and relatable post.😊

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