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Hello & Happy Father’s Day! This week I wrote a poem following up the piece I wrote about the Orlando Shooting. I will link the article on the bottom for those who haven’t seen it yet! But in all seriousness, I wrote this with a heavy heart and I don’t think there’s any other way to talk about this than with a poem. – TheTypewriterBleeds 

To the 49 Beautiful Stomachs of Orlando

Put the gun on my stomach.

I want to feel the warmth

Of the power to kill

Radiate into me.

What power can rot

50 stomachs?

49 Beautiful Stomachs,

pierced by a weapon meant for war —

Have you seen the blood flowing like summer wine,

on a night that used to be theirs?

For 1,

the poison spread from

the root of his gut,

to his most fragile organ,

like a burnt Christmas tree.

How does it feel

when you hold

the power to watch

a man, a woman,

a friend, a sibling,

a child

fall with their eyes wide opened

in a place they thought was home?


I want to feel

where dangerous words never go.

My hunger for change is a mixture of

cheap alcohol and toasted peanuts

Splattered across washrooms, Dance-floors;

Dripped between the cracks of a free country,

as free as humans can ever be.


So put the gun on my stomach–

I want to feel enough so I’ll never forget.

49 Beautiful Stomaches,




2 thoughts on “Stanza Sundays #2

  1. Dear typewriterbleed, I love words. I love your writing. I have not started writing on my blog. I feel to inadequate with some of you. Instead I post photos on Instagram. My name is hibou- desneiges .
    I saw your name on a notetohuguette ,s blog and I wanted to follow you immediately. You are a great young woman. Thank you for sharing your words.
    Continue this beautiful work. Huguette.. The notetohuguette’ neighbour.


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