Sunday Stanzas #3


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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today I went blueberry picking and it was really refreshing to be able to detox the sour feelings I’ve had over the past few days. Here’s this Sunday’s stanza! 🙂


I want to know what

this sour feeling means.

I breathe in

broken manufactured words,

shaped like microbial pollen.

growing in me, it must be the

dandelion lie.


Am I not enough

to sit with you?

I am a sour gummy worm

in your acidic pool of

lemons, limes, lies.

lies, limes, lemons,



What hurts more than death

is an unescapable disease—

deceit and exclusion entwined

as one.


I lay awake,

my mind runs over

line by line,

trying to make sense of

their sour excuses—

a bitter brain cannot sleep

without the tart truth.




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