A bookcase  from The British Library

I know, I’m sorry I lied. 


I said I would upload a Sunday Stanza, but in the end I didn’t. My explanation is that I got my wisdom teeth removed the next day, and my nerves were just everywhere! In honour of that, below is a short little poetic line I’ve written that I love so much (I can’t find my draft!).  Currently I’m in a recession phase. I’m still trying to rest because my mouth is so swollen, so hopefully I’ll have something for you next Sunday/ pick up my WordPress again! It’s actually so hard to stay on track. Does anyone have tips on how to succeed? Or do better? Ugh the frustrations….

I hope everyone has a fantastic National Book Lovers Day! I know I will, under a cloudy sky with Colleen Hoover’s new book in my hand! Reading is an infinite and authentic kind of love.


The Extraction

I asked him if he could extract the thing

between my teeth. “It’s been there

for a while now.” I cried. He said,

“I only do teeth sweetheart, fragile organs

like those shouldn’t be extracted.

They should be saved,

and loved.”





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