I got my first literary hater and it was AMAZING!

Today I got my first literary hater (someone that hates on your written work) and it was AMAZING! I haven’t been a writer long enough to know how to deal with these situations, but today, being the first time, I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the moment. Although each word of the comments stung right in my stomach, I’m not as upset as I thought I’d be. Perhaps I’m not taking the situation as seriously as I should, but WOW I JUST GOT MY FIRST LITERARY HATER!!!!! What a time to be alive.

I recently published a piece (one of my favourite actually!) that I knew would be controversial. I knew there would be people that wouldn’t like it. I knew that my opinions would provoke contrasting comments to come my way. I knew that it would be dangerous, but I still wrote and published it anyways. What’s surprising is that I got some really great feedback from my peers! A friend I haven’t spoken to in almost half a year sent me a very thoughtful and thorough message, commenting on how the piece was very insightful and motivated her to start writing. The post reached the biggest audience of this week on the publication’s Facebook account! I really thought I was safe, but I guess with literature, there are always different ways to think of the words we write.

I don’t really want to go into much detail about the hater’s comment, but misinterpretation isn’t always the most friendly thing. I wish people could understand that expressing opinions is a way for someone to show how they feel, and they should not be diminished or belittled. I wish we could all provide more warmth and actual constructive comments to make others better, rather than weaken someone’s character or authenticity.

There are many moments in our lives where people will not like us, or be very opinionated towards our every action. There are moments where people will try to break us down or diminish our value and light. However, I am so incredibly lucky to have brilliant and strong people in my life to guide me towards not giving a f*ck about the haters. To my first literary hater, thanks for the NOT constructive criticism and trying to ridicule me for who I am not. Nice try buddy.

I am a writer and these are my thoughts whether you like them or not.

— TheTypewriterBleeds


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