I got my first literary hater and it was AMAZING!

Today I got my first literary hater (someone that hates on your written work) and it was AMAZING! I haven’t been a writer long enough to know how to deal with these situations, but today, being the first time, I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the moment. Although each word of the comments stung right in my stomach, I’m not as upset as I thought I’d be. Perhaps I’m not taking the situation as seriously as I should, but WOW I JUST GOT MY FIRST LITERARY HATER!!!!! What a time to be alive.

I recently published a piece (one of my favourite actually!) that I knew would be controversial. I knew there would be people that wouldn’t like it. I knew that my opinions would provoke contrasting comments to come my way. I knew that it would be dangerous, but I still wrote and published it anyways. What’s surprising is that I got some really great feedback from my peers! A friend I haven’t spoken to in almost half a year sent me a very thoughtful and thorough message, commenting on how the piece was very insightful and motivated her to start writing. The post reached the biggest audience of this week on the publication’s Facebook account! I really thought I was safe, but I guess with literature, there are always different ways to think of the words we write.

I don’t really want to go into much detail about the hater’s comment, but misinterpretation isn’t always the most friendly thing. I wish people could understand that expressing opinions is a way for someone to show how they feel, and they should not be diminished or belittled. I wish we could all provide more warmth and actual constructive comments to make others better, rather than weaken someone’s character or authenticity.

There are many moments in our lives where people will not like us, or be very opinionated towards our every action. There are moments where people will try to break us down or diminish our value and light. However, I am so incredibly lucky to have brilliant and strong people in my life to guide me towards not giving a f*ck about the haters. To my first literary hater, thanks for the NOT constructive criticism and trying to ridicule me for who I am not. Nice try buddy.

I am a writer and these are my thoughts whether you like them or not.

— TheTypewriterBleeds


Thought Catalog Published Piece #4!

This is one of my favourite pieces I have ever written. I’ve learned so much about myself in this short summer than I’ve ever learned any other time. Being single isn’t a crime, it’s filled with lessons to strengthen yourself and your wildest dreams. Love yourself.

Here’s What To Do If You’re In A Complete Love Drought (AKA Thirsty AF)



I can’t believe this, but it’s almost been 2 months since I’ve started and I’ve already been able to connect with some really intelligent, creative, and brilliant bloggers/writers on WordPress. And now I’m accepting a Blogger Recognition Award! I know the future is bright, and I know there are greater things ahead. I’m just so excited and happy for what’s to come! With that in mind, I really want to thank That girl with a red scarf for nominating me! Please check out her AMAZING blog and give her some love! 🙂


  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Thank the one who nominated you.
  3. Journey as a blogger.
  4. Give advice to other bloggers.
  5. Nominate the deserving ones.

3. Journey as a Blogger

As I’ve said earlier, it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve started this blog. I’ll be honest, it’s been a little tough. The beginning was really great where I got a lot of recognition from my peers (a lot of views!). However, my stats slowly declined and I was faced with an obstacle: What to do next and How to get better? I decided to venture through the WordPress community and search for blogs that I felt were relatable and similar to mine. I also wanted to find more local writers as they would be easier to connect to. I think I’m getting my way there, slowly increasing my membership (but it’s still not enough to really get my ideas out there). It’s a treacherous climb, but I know I can make it there. I’m going to write my way to the top.

4. Give Advice to Other Bloggers

I’m not really in a place to give advice since I just started this blog, but I really want to reiterate the idea that it is possible;  the concept of getting your ideas heard and changing something about the world is possible. It is a tough journey, but it’s a worthwhile one. Write because you want to and not because of the fame or the popularity.

5. Nominate the Deserving ones

The only person I think really deserves this is one of my friends and somehow who introduced me to this whole community. Please show Melissa (I call her Mel) some love!!!! Her blog is just fantastic and so innovative. It’s writing that’s really honest and thoughtful. Prada Hag

It’s a scary world, but it’s less scary when you face the fear and just write.

– TheTypewriterBleeds


Hi everyone, I wrote a piece on gun control and Thought Catalog was so great to publish it! Take a look at it if you can!!! I think regardless of our nationality, we should make real and constructive change for the world! It all starts with people turning words to actions. For those who have read it, thank you so much for taking the time to do that! Your support means so much to me. ❤ Here it is:

It’s Time To Wake Up America, Something Needs To Be Done About Gun Control