I’m Published on ThoughtCatalog!!!!!

After what seems like a million tries (really I submitted so many pieces), I’m finally published on ThoughtCatalog!!! What makes it more sweeter is that this is the hardest piece I had to write. A part of me didn’t want to write it because I was afraid of what people would think, seeing that it is so personal to me. However, who I wrote about deserved the light and honouring.

Today I learned that perseverance does mean something. The first couple times of rejection was hard. I sent in pieces that I really liked and tried to write about a range of topics. However, after the 10th time, I realized that what I was sending in wasn’t good enough. If they were, I would have gotten a reply right?  Thus, I revamped my pieces, editing the ones I really liked to make the reader feel something more. I tweaked metaphors so that they would linger on the tip of my tongue and not fizz out. I’m so proud of pushing myself and never giving up. Perhaps that says something about the path of becoming a renowned writer: you write on.

Below is the link to the piece I wrote, please give it the love it deserves 🙂


-The Typewriter Bleeds